Samantha Renée

Samantha Renée

Founder, Producer & eCommerce Growth Expert

I’m Samantha Renée. I’m a boy mom, 4x founder, producer, and e-commerce growth expert. I started my businesses the hard way.

Without access to financing, I had to learn everything on my own. I wasn’t confident, and I really didn’t know what I was doing. I did it anyway. I was willing to invest the time to educate myself. What I didn’t realize, was how many other women were in the same position I was. Struggling to find their confidence while starting and growing a business.

I did the 9-5 thing for years. I was making six figures in corporate sales and I hated my life. So I decided to dive into my passion for business full time, start an eCommerce business, and help other business owners.

Fast forward to now, I’ve worked with fortune 100 & 500 companies, startups, and entrepreneurs all over the world. Over the years I discovered my passion for helping women in business scale into the millions.

As a mom, partner, business owner, speaker, producer & instructor at Shopify, and so many other things, I can tell you, you can have it all. The key is to design a life that you love, stay committed to your personal growth, and consistently invest in your own education.


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