Alex-Ann Green

Alex-Ann Green

Operations Management Specialist and the Founder of SP!KE

Alex-Ann Green is an operations management specialist. Her work both internationally and locally has seen businesses overhaul their processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer experiences.

With an MBA in General Management, Alex-Ann raised many eyebrows when she went on to pursue and gain her MS in Construction Management. This second master’s degree has sharpened her project management skills. It has also provided career opportunities that allowed for much development in the project and change management fields. She is now a member of the Association of Change Management Professionals.

Alex-Ann’s career began in the customer-centric Tourism Industry. Equipped with a BSc. in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Alex-Ann worked across hotels locally and internationally. She was also able to complete the TPDCo. Customer Service training.

While in Higher Education Alex-Ann oversaw and implemented software system process changes, student program redevelopment, customer experience tracking and development, vendor management, and cost reduction.

Her experience in the Tourism, Higher Education, and Construction industries locally and overseas have provided a wide array of insight and the latitude to identify key factors that remain common to all businesses.

Alex-Ann established SP!KE out of passion and data. She continues to be driven by this to ensure clients’ success.

According to the Clifton Analysis, Ms. Green is analytical, strategic, restorative, futuristic, and a relator. These talents work in tandem with SP!KE‘s goals. She continues to learn to ensure success. Ms. Green is a Certified Customer Service Manager (CCSM) by the International Council of Customer Service Organizations.

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