Natalie Greaves

Natalie Greaves

Writer and Digital Communications Consultant. Founder of Greaves Communication Strategies

Among all of the things that would survive the apocalypse, a Trini hot mouth would be high on the list. Although born in New York, Natalie Greaves is living proof that sharp Caribbean wit can not only make for great entertainment but a long career in PR. Greaves Communication Strategies (GCS) was created in 2017, borne out of a desire to serve African- and Caribbean-American founders with similar values, goals, and aspirations.

Natalie has also written for and served as Digital Media Director for South Florida’s Caribbean National Weekly. Natalie currently consults out of New York while raising an active second grader and running a mini-farm. Because there’s a small island girl deep on the inside, bigger farm aspirations are coming soon. Read more about Natalie here.

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