Kpana Kpoto

Kpana Kpoto

Advocate, Educator, Speaker, and Owner of Sailing Autistic Seas

Kpana Kpoto is an advocate, educator, and speaker who helps families of children with disabilities get the support they need to function and thrive. She stands committed to her mission of fighting for those who don’t have a voice, by serving as the Senior Family Educator at a non-profit organization that also serves families of children with disabilities. She is also the co-founder of the Bronx Parents Autism Support Circle, a non-profit parent support group in her community.

In 2012 she started a blog called Sailing Autistic Seas to document their journey as a family, hers as a caregiver, share information about resources, and provide a source of support for other families.

Before exploring her new passion as a parent advocate, Kpana led a fulfilling career in educational publishing, including time spent as a senior project editor for the McGraw Hill Companies. Her speaking, media, and writing appearances include Lehman College and Community Board 7 Early Intervention Forum, Bronxnet TV, BlogHer, and

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