Keitha Moseley-Dendy

Keitha Moseley-Dendy

Owner of Home Made Luxe, a Craft Subscription Box

Keitha Moseley-Dendy has always been an overachiever, from starting university at age 16, graduating (Rice University) at age 20 with 3 degrees (she now has 4!) and now a wife, mom of twins, a blogger, YouTuber & entrepreneur. All that being said she knows something about being an extremely busy girl, & learning how to prioritize. For her the first priority is self care, one thing she makes sure she schedules to reduce the stress & retain some balance in her life is craft time. A time when she grabs a glass of wine, some craft supplies and does what her heart enjoys. She decided that all moms should have this decompression time and so she started Home Made Luxe, a craft subscription box. Now, every month, she send ladies around the country gorgeous, pinterest-inspired home decor projects. She enjoys knowing that all around the country there are ladies walking around their homes seeing their beautiful, custom pieces & thinking about their next self care craft session!

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