Kara Stevens

Kara Stevens

Since 2013, I’ve worked with thousands of women as a writer, coach, consultant, and speaker on helping black women break up with being broke, break free from the money blocks and personal hurdles that keep them from financial confidence, living a debt free life, and owning their piece of financial peace. On top of that, I’ve partnered with a number of brands to spread this message. From Prudential to Chrysler to Dove to Dryel, The Frugal Feminista has worked with quality brands with campaigns that align with our mission: financial empowerment and personal development that is authentic, kind, and thoughtful.

Split in de Middle: Balancing Finances When Supporting Family at Home and Abroad


How many of us feel like we are pulled in two directions financially, in essence, “split in de middle,” as Freezy famously sings. In this session, financial experts will discuss […]

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