Hyacinth Powell

Hyacinth Powell

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, & Educator

Hyacinth is a single-mom, self-published author, speaker, entrepreneur, educator and constant student of life. Hyacinth has a passion for working with minority women and young girls in need of support on their journey to healing. She established her business Hyacinth’s Holistic Health to provide minorities alternative methods of healing through speaking and writing courses and workshops.

She’s participated in many community events and has been a mentor to many young girls in and around the inner city of Phoenix. Her vision is to help women heal so that our nation can be whole as she sees women at the core of our society. Hyacinth started a campaign entitled “We Healin'” that affirms that healing is an active journey that requires us to consistently strive for greatness and growth. Hyacinth loves connecting and supporting women of color and continues to be a light to all she encounters.


Less Is More: Getting Maximum Results Out of Living a Minimalist Life


In this session, you will learn how to maximize your time, space, and mental capacity by working to incorporate minimalist principles into your life.

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