Dixie Lincoln-Nichols

Dixie Lincoln-Nichols

CEO of Inside Outer Beauty Market and licensed biological science educator

Dixie Lincoln- Nichols is a licensed biological science educator and certified health & wellness teacher and Qi gong practitioner. She is also the CEO and founder of Inside Outer Beauty Market, an e-commerce and brick & mortar retailer curating toxicant-free beauty, wellness, personal care, and household care products that support the body inside and out. In 2019 she began working on a legislative level, collaborating with senators to support the Person Care Product Safety Act, a bill created to replace the outdated, 81-year-old Cosmetic Safety Act. The goal is to create stricter and safer standards and hold manufacturers accountable for ingredients and other claims made about their beauty and personal care products.

Her work and projects have been featured in media outlets such as Oprah Magazine, WMFZ 69 TV, Yahoo lifestyle & News, Redbook, Natural Health, Instyle, Working Woman, SELF, PBS, Bella NYC, Essence Online, Tampa Tribune and more.

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