Christina Garrett

Christina Garrett

Organization and Productivity Coach

Christina Garrett is an organization and productivity coach who helps busy women empower their discipline and refine their schedules. As a ministry wife, homeschooling mom of five, and entrepreneur, she recognizes the need for more TIME and ENERGY to support the family and build a dream while maintaining self-care and sanity! Hence, the Momathon movement was birthed to provide support to busy professional women who are striving to balance home while still achieving their goals. Every woman needs to practice self-care, enrich her marriage, communicate with her amazing babies, and still be able to develop herself.

The Momathon mission seeks to equip them with the tools to do exactly that. Christina leads a global tribe of wise women who build to help them exit overwhelm, take charge of their schedules, and experience more peace and efficiency in their day to day lives. She does this through restorative meet-ups and conferences, the DIVA Tribe online community, and speaking internationally.


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