[MOVIE NIGHT] Spotlight on Caribbean Movies: For Watchers and Makers + SCREENING


Whether you’re a movie lover who looks forward to watching a good film every now and again or a movie maker looking to advance your career, this session touches on tips to help you play a part in growing the Caribbean’s film industry right from the comfort of your home. After the session, stay for Caribbean short films for children and adults.

Tonight’s films: (These films were screened and available until midnight on the night of the screening, please visit the speaker pages to find out where to watch more Caribbean films like the ones listed below.)

From StoryPlay:
Tuff Puff
Renelle Williams | 2017 | Trinidad & Tobago | 3MIN
A black mother faces many challenges while combing her daughter’s extremely tangled hair.
From Studio Anansi:
Christopher Guiness + Leizelle Guinness | Trinidad & Tobago | 2012 | 11 mins
Pothound tells the story of a street dog who could.
The Little Boy & the Ball
Damian Marcano | Trinidad & Tobago | 2011 | 12 mins
Taking place in the lush and diverse Northern coast of Trinidad & Tobago; ‘The Little Boy and The Ball’ explores the relationship of a young boy and his favorite companion: his ball.
Ti Coq
Nadia Charlery | Martinique | 2013 | 23 mins
TI COQ, tells the story of Josué, a roguish boy living with his grandmother. He has a pet rooster that he loves, and wishes to train him to become a dreaded fighting cock. A succession of unexpected events, however, looks set to frustrate his plans.
From StoryPlay:
Big Man Dan
Kafi Kareem and Shane Young Sing |Trinidad & Tobago | 2019 | 4 mins
Sheila calls on her brave husband Dan for help when she spots a cockroach in their bathroom. But when the roach flies, Dan loses all sense and imagines that the roach is a kung-fu master who he must fight with all his might to protect his defenceless wife. After observing Dan’s approach to tackling the roach problem, Sheila decides to handle the pest herself. In the end, Dan still takes all the credit.
From Studio Anansi:

BARBADOS | 2019 | 6 MINS

Enraged landlady, Louise, marches over to the house occupied by her tenants, intent on collecting her rent. Instead, she meets Jane, a young mother working as the tenants’ housekeeper, and who has a dark secret.

Mi Casa
Keon Hector & Dwayne Jordan | Guyana | 2020 | 5 mins
A foreigner trapped in another country and needs to go home to see his sick daughter.
Papa Machete
Jonathan David Kane | Haiti | 2014 | 11 mins
Two hundred years ago, the slaves of Haiti defeated Napoleon’s armies in the historic revolution of 1791-1804. One of their weapons was the very tool they used to work the land: the machete. Papa Machete explores the esoteric martial art through the practice and life of a farmer named Alfred Avril. The short film documents his proud devotion to his heritage in the face of increased globalization, and his efforts to keep this mysterious art alive.
Cleaning House
TONI BLACKFOR | Jamaica | 2014 | 15 mins
“CLEANING HOUSE,” tells the story of Susan, an enigmatic young woman. At a glance, Susan is a quiet, pensive housecleaner who takes her job seriously. A single phone call is all she needs to clean up the mess and leave things pristine. But, initial impressions rarely, if ever, give the full scope of a person—especially in the case of Susan.
Doubles with Slight Pepper
IAN HARNARINE | Trinidad & Tobago | 2012 | 16 mins
“DOUBLES” is set in rural Trinidad. The film tells the story of Dhani, who struggles to support himself and his mother by selling doubles. Doubles, is Trinidad’s quintessential street food. When his estranged father returns from Canada unexpectedly, Dhani must decide if he will help save his father’s life


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