Worth the Wait: Preparing for Pregnancy and Motherhood after 35


Can you still jump up at Carnival every year, with a body you feel good in, and the energy you want, when you have a baby after 35? As an award-winning nutritionist and carnival lover who became a mom at 40, Danielle Smiley-Daniel is uniquely qualified to answer these questions.

Some of our mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers were just teenagers when they were navigating pregnancy and motherhood, but many women today have chosen to wait to have children. While some will experience age-related challenges during pregnancy, others do not, but we know that the 35+-year-old body and mind are different from the body and mind that are a decade younger.

How do we make sure that we are feeding our bodies in a way that optimizes our health, gives us energy for motherhood, honors our social and cultural values, and is realistic given who we are and the lifestyles that we have chosen? If you are preparing for motherhood after 35, this session is for you.

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