The Black Maternal Health Crisis: How to Advocate for Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Across all socioeconomic backgrounds and age groups, black women are dying during and after childbirth more often than other races in North America. Serena Williams, the greatest tennis player in the world, was almost no more. TV personality and Judge Glenda Hatchett lost her beloved daughter in law, after her son pleaded with doctors to help her. And the bright, bubbly, brilliant writer and music aficionado Ann Marie Collymore, known as AMC, almost lost her life while her family celebrated the beautiful son she had just given birth to.

“…the acting resident doctor didn’t seem to have a sense of urgency … I wasn’t properly diagnosed with postpartum preeclampsia until my fourth day in the hospital.” AMC’s mother knew something was wrong. Eventually, after a fall in the hospital and a myriad of tests that baffled doctors, they found that it was postpartum preeclampsia that was killing her. In this session, you will hear AMC’s amazing story, and learn how you can advocate for yourself and your loved ones.

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