SocaMom Summit Family Fete



You have been invited to the SocaMom Summit Family Fete! Remember when we used to all party together? All ages jumping up and having a TIME?

For two hours, you will jump up to your favorite old and new soca tunes with your loved ones on and offline. Celebrate the joy of music, friends, and family with us!

Why is this party so important NOW?

Historically, around the world – and especially in the Caribbean – joy and celebration has been a form of protest. This one way that we express our refusal to be denied our basic right to happiness and freedom.

So get your flag, your rag, and GET READY TO JUMP!

The international soca DJ, DJ JEL will be hosting this family event.

Want to be featured on-screen during the fete?*

Click here to choose a time to show off, and be ready to free up!

*Being on-screen is optional. There are limited spaces.

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