WORKSHOP: Live Stream Like a Pro

Have you wanted to live stream for your business or your employer, and you don’t know where to begin? Have you been wondering how to get TV-quality video and sound, have comments appear live, what equipment you need, and what streaming platforms you can connect to various social media platforms? Do you wonder how we do the SocaMom Summit? This is the workshop for you.

Your instructor for this course is Dr. Renee Matthews, a medical doctor who has appeared on television shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and TVOne’s NewsOne Now with Roland Martin where she discussed different health topics. She currently live streams the Ask Dr. Renee Show on LinkedIn and Facebook, and hosts live-streamed shows for’s over 2 million followers.

Type of Class: First Come, First Serve

Spaces Available: 50

Workshop Fee: $50


This course will teach you about live-streaming platforms, equipment, and how to go live with TV quality. You will be a part of a PRIVATE group on Facebook where Dr. Renee will be available to answer questions. The updates to the course will be available in the group. Dr. Renee will teach this class LIVE for the SocaMom Summit. The class is 90 minutes. She will take every question that is asked after  she finishes teaching.

This Class Will Cover:

 – What equipment you need to live stream including hardware and software
– How to start a broadcast
– What platforms to use to live stream
– Taking advantage of the benefits of live streaming
– Content creation
– Driving traffic to your broadcast

How to Register:

Click on this link to register for the class.

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