Literary Activism: The Power of The Pen


There is power in your story. Caribbean people have been resisting since they arrived on the shores of the Caribbean islands hundreds of years ago. Caribbean women have been leaders in the resistance from day one. In this final session of the June SocaMom Summit, our Keynote speaker, Margo “Mocha” Ochoa will tell us the stories of several revolutionary women who wrote their stories and inspired people past and present to not only imagine but to pursue freedom. Are you a storyteller? Are you a mom or aunt caring for a young activist? Are you writing your stories and sharing them? What is your role in the resistance? 

Here are the women that we will be discussing during this discussion.

Sarah Bassett (d. 1730) – Bermuda

Mary Prince (b. 1788) – Bermuda

Paulette Nardal (b. 1896 – d. February 1985) – Martinique

Mary “Queen Mary” Thomas (b. ~ 1848 – d. 1905) – St. Croix

Suzanne Césaire (b. August 1915 – d. May 1966) – Martinique

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